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Bolivian Rhapsody

Five years after the fall of Sánchez de Losada, the Bolivia of Evo Morales begins the second term of office with an absolute majority and a new constitution. The former elite retreat to their clubs, mansions, and exclusive neighbourhoods, and between golf and horse riding, conspire to overthrow Evo. Oscar Guisoni, the research journalist that […]

Estelas a la deriva

In 1998, more than one hundred clear bottles with messages from many national and international artists were thrown into the sea at El Hierro, two miles from the Orchilla Lighthouse, at the ancient meridian 0. Pedro Déniz, a Canarian artist who had been preparing this idea since the late 1980s, was the sporadic postman who […]

The Curse, the Miracle and the Donkey

On 16th December 2010, the celebrations of the Novenas de Aguinaldo began in a small Macondo-like village of 7,000 inhabitants in the North of Santander, Colombia. The decorations in the streets and the costumes filled the square that night and the main avenues of the town, for whose inhabitants this was the biggest and  best-known […]

Cinema Buffs

Sinopsis: Marcos is a film buff obsessed with Katherine Hepburn, and Rebeca is a solitary video rental store employee. When Marcos falls in love with Rebeca, he sets into motion a fabulous plan to conquer the girl´s heart…because in films, anything is possible. 1:2:35 / 35 mm / Colour / 2009 / 15´ / Spanish […]