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Maspalomas and the oasis

Documentary about the Maspalomas dunes and oasis, on the island of Gran Canaria, commissioned by the Consortium for the Tourism Rehabilitation of the South of Gran Canaria. The documentary will be part of the permanent exhibition to be installed at the Maspalomas Dunes and Lighthouse Interpretation Centre.

Doing wood business with Eriada

Doing wood business with Eriada – at ADARWA cooperative Eriada is a succesful wood trader and makes a good living out of her job. 60 % of the members of ADARWA cooperative are women. The future looks good for the wood sector in the rapidly developing country Rwanda. Format: HD/Color Duration: 5:54 mins

Making it in Hillywood

Making it in Hilywood, Rwanda 2012 How is to be a filmmaker in the one thousand hills country? Documentary Duration: 21 mins Format: Full HD, Color See here