Five years after the fall of Sánchez de Losada, the Bolivia of Evo Morales begins the second term of office with an absolute majority and a new constitution. The former elite retreat to their clubs, mansions, and exclusive neighbourhoods, and between golf and horse riding, conspire to overthrow Evo. Oscar Guisoni, the research journalist that contributed, in a decisive manner, towards the electoral triumph of Sánchez de Losada, paints a social class that has been privileged up to now, unveils the opposition´s dirty war strategies, and the North American involvement in the events that led to the triumph of the Aymara Evo Morales in the 2006 elections. A divided country?  A civil war?  A socialist dictatorship? As far as Bolivia´s future, we only know that it will be very different from its past.

Genre: Historic/ Political/ Social Interest

Duration: 54 minutes

Production: Siroco Factory Producciones/ Oscar Guisoni (Argentina)/ Diario La Prensa (Bolivia)

Director: Oscar Guisoni and Ayoze O´Shanahan

Format: HD (Colour)

Project Status: In Post-Production


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